Budget Hotel Booking Rajkot

Gone are the days of turning towards your travel agent before planning a trip, irrespective of whether it was a family, business, or any other trip. Today, travelers are spoilt; spoilt with choices. Hotels are opening thick and fast at every nook and corner, charging too much yet offering too little. This is where Patria comes in.

Under the banner of the Maniar Group, Patria has evolved and grown into one of the best destinations for budget hotel bookings in Rajkot. We have the most flexible and cost-effective luxury budget hotel booking in Rajkot. We welcome anyone and everyone to our homeland and ensure that they feel at home even when they are away from home.

Why Patria To Book Cheap Hotels in Rajkot

Patria Suites are a range of fully-furnished luxury apartments, located at one of the most popular residential areas of Rajkot. All the necessary places are located nearby including shopping centers, cultural centers, entertainment hubs, and education centers. Our apartments share a close-quartered distance from the Rajkot Airport which is also an added advantage. One doesn’t need to book hotels near Rajkot Airport and look anywhere else, instead people can simply for Patria Suites. We have time and again proven our value and our level of efficiency through our unmatched customer service.

As a pioneer in offering serviced apartments, Maniar Group’s mission is to make Patria the most preferred destination among the members of the multinational workforce, families looking for a quality vacation, and non-resident Indians planning to reconnect with your roots. With its range of services, features, amenities, and budget, Patria has already established its name in Rajkot as the premier choice. At Patria, life is cherished at its helm. From proficiently designed architectural constructions to world-class amenities, the luxurious apartments of Patria simply echoes quality.

Budget Hotel Booking Rajkot

Small = Big

There is nothing worse than blowing up your travel expenses on full-priced lodgings and then pondering in regret about the trip. At Patria, by spending only a meager price you’ll receive much more than just a fully-furnished apartment. Here are the featured amenities at Patria which prove that Small is Truly Big:

  • Mini Theatre that gives world-class experience with its stunning sound system and relaxing recliners.
  • Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi which turns your hotel into an oasis.
  • Party lounge with a capacity of over 600 guests. Events can be organized herein.
  • Multi-cuisine restaurants for all your taste needs.
  • Gym and Spa for health and wellness.
  • Optimal security with 24/7 CCTV surveillance.
  • Fully furnished rooms with TV and Air Conditioners.
  • Automatic lighting system.
  • Business center for all corporate needs, including meetings, seminars, presentations, and others.
  • Both senior citizen’s area and a children park.
  • And much more.

Hence, it can be duly proved from these above amenities and features that Patria Suites is your one-stop stay-in-place in Rajkot. If you’re looking to book cheap hotels in Rajkot, don’t look any further than us and contact us today to avail our unmatched services.